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Siding Contractors Lubbock

Siding Contractors Lubbock

Thinking about replacing your existing siding? Not all siding contractors in Lubbock are as committed to their clients as Quality Exteriors. If you’re looking for a product that will outperform anything else on the market, make a call to an expert from Quality Exteriors at 806-792-2400 to discuss your options.


When it comes to siding, there are several options available to you. Quality Exteriors carries vinyl and steel siding from the top manufacturers in the industry. Most homeowners are aware that vinyl offers a very affordable way to protect their home from the elements, however steel siding is one of the most overlooked products currently available- and offers numerous benefits that vinyl is not able to deliver.


Protect your home with a strong and reliable steel siding from Quality Exteriors that is finish-coated with PVC. Today’s metal or steel siding can be designed to look just like quality painted wood, requiring far less maintenance throughout the years than wood. QE carries Satinwood Steel Siding that is built by Alside, one of the most trusted names in home siding. Satinwood Steel Siding comes in broad, horizontal panels that provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Homeowners love the impact-resistant quality of steel siding. Heavy duty steel is an exceptional material for the protection against damaging elements- today’s options in vinyl exterior finish make it a product that not only functions well but looks great as well. Call the professional siding contractors in Lubbock at 806-792-2400 with any questions.


Keep your steel siding looking great year after year by providing maintenance on an annual basis. While experts do not recommend using a pressure washer on the surface of vinyl or wood siding, it’s actually the perfect piece of equipment for cleaning steel siding. Your steel siding will continue to look terrific when you follow a few helpful tips:


- Never use chemicals on your steel siding as they can react to the steel or to the vinyl protectant. Use a mixture of one-third cup of liquid laundry detergent to 5 gallons of water for your pressure washer.


- Pre-treat your steel siding by gently scrubbing down the surface with a long-handled brush to loosen debris and pre-soak any stains. If you notice mold or mildew on the exterior of your home, brush the areas down during your pre-treatment. Add a small amount of bleach to your mixture if necessary.


- Turn off the breakers to all exterior lights and outlets to ensure your safety during pressure washing.


- Pressure wash on the lowest setting to determine if it will do the job and increase pressure only if necessary. Spend a few moments practicing on your driveway or walkway before taking action on your siding.


Your home will look sensational with new siding. The QualityEhi.com website offers a unique interactive, online design showroom tool for you to use, located on their Siding page, to give you an idea what your home will look like after installation. If you like what you see, feel free to call the professional siding contractors from Quality Exteriors in Lubbock for more information.


Siding Contractors Lubbock
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