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Lubbock Metal Roof Installation

Lubbock Metal Roof Installation

For affordable and professional Lubbock metal roof installation, call the pros from Quality Exteriors at 806-792-2400. When considering your options for a new or replacement roof, you’ll find QE offers the most durable and versatile options on the market. Today’s metal roofing is far superior to that of only a couple of decades ago- find out why by visiting the QualityEhi.com website and clicking on the ‘Roofing’ link.


Metal roofing outperforms more traditional materials such as asphalt and wood in many regards: top of the list is that a new metal roofing system can last anywhere from 50-70 years. Compare that with the slightly higher cost of investment and you can see how a metal roof could easily be considered the smartest money you could spend on your home. For a professional Lubbock metal roof installation, contact Quality Exteriors and request a free estimate.


QE will be happy to come out to your home and provide you with a no-cost, in-home consultation to discuss the options available for your new roof. Very often, homeowners come into a consultation with a certain product in mind only to learn of the benefits of owning a metal roof and quickly change their mind in what they want for protecting their home. The fact is that no other type of roofing material can protect in the same way that a metal roofing system can:


- Metal outperformance other roofing materials in terms of being radiant heat reflecting. In the summer months, you’ll notice a greater energy efficiency in your home as the hot sun’s rays are reflected from your roof rather than being absorbed, as so many traditional materials do.


- Metal is 100% recyclable, so your new roof will be made from recycled metal and will be recycled again at the end of its lifespan. For a homeowner looking for ways to minimize carbon footprint, this is the product of choice.


- Your Lubbock metal roof installation may cost less in labor since your old roof system may not have to be removed and hauled away. Very often, a metal roof can be installed right over the top of an existing roof.


- Metal Roofing is available today in virtually any color, style and finish you can think of. If you like the look of wood shingles but don’t feel inclined to perform the annual maintenance they require, there’s a metal roof option to mimic the look you want. The same goes for any conventional style of roof you may want to capture.


- Contrary to myths, metal roofing is no louder than any other type of roofing system. Out-dated, uninsulated metal roofing installed on barns or outbuildings may be noisy- those installed on homes are not.


Call the Lubbock metal roof installation pros from Quality Exteriors at 806-792-2400 to schedule your free consultation or simply to request more information on products. We feel certain you’ll be quite satisfied with the quality products and exceptional service you’ll receive from QE. Call now to find out more.

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